• Good Clinical Practice

At MSCR we hold different certifications and accreditations, such as

ISO 9001:2015, an international standard that applies to quality management systems (QMS). This recognition focuses on all aspects of quality management in order for companies to have an effective system that allows them to manage and improve the quality of their products or services. This certification demonstrates that the organization is recognized by more than 640,000 companies worldwide. 

The Quality Department designs and develops all studies based on the principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) 


MS Clinical Research is dedicated to providing clinical evaluation, in vitro studies and regulatory services for cosmetics, medical devices and biocidal products. We understand that a high level of service quality  is the right of our all clients and therefore, it should be a trademark of the people within our organization.

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At MS Clinical Research we are very pleased to be among the group of certified and accredited companies, and we will continue working to stand out and offer our clients the best on the market.

Thanks to all of you who trust us!