• In Vitro Efficacy

EpiDerm and EpiDerm Full Thickness

MatTek’s patented EpiDerm system is leading in vitro testing technology for dermal toxicologists and formulation scientists. With multiple ECVAM validations and OECD accepted test guidelines, EpiDerm is a proven in vitro system for chemical, pharmaceutical and skin care product testing. 

Dermal Drug Delivery 
Skin Hydration
Epidermal Differentiation
Anti-Aging Skin 
Wound Healing 
UV Protection


The EpiCorneal 3D human tissue model provides a highly predictive non-animal alternative to assess ophthalmic drug delivery, wound healing and tissue regeneration, disease modeling (e.g. dry eye) and corneal infection.

EpiCorneal expresses corneal-specific markers, and its structural morphology closely resembles human cornea in vivo. 


Latanoprost Drug Delivery
Model Compound Drug Delivery
Dry Eye Disease 
Corneal Wound Healing

EpiAirway and EpiAlveolar

MatTek’s EpiAirway is advancing in vitro respiratory research worldwide. Allowing for physiological exposures to pathogens, chemicals or therapeutics, EpiAirway’s human-relevant biological responses are changing the way scientists research respiratory diseases and drug development. 

Tobacco And Vape Studies 
Drug Delivery 
Inflammation And Fibrosis

EpiOral and EpiGingival

Various industrial and toxicology laboratories are actively seeking alternatives to expensive clinical or whole animal testing. Oral care, personal care, and pharmaceutical companies have initiated in vitro toxicology testing to evaluate their raw materials and final product formulations. 
MatTek’s oral tissue models provide a highly reproducible, physiological means to screen newly developed oral care products.

Oral Pathologies 
Drug Deliveries 


MatTek’s 3D tissue model of the human small intestine is our latest innovation advancing in vitro GI research worldwide. Allowing for physiological exposures and human-relevant endpoints, EpiIntestinal is being incorporated into pharmaceutical development programs across the globe. 
A human 3D in vitro small intestinal tissue model with epithelial polarity to evaluate toxicity, metabolism, drug absorption and compound efficacy. MatTek’s latest novel innovation to help redefine preclinical testing.


Drug Metabolism Drug Delivery

Inflammation & Fibrosis 

Wound Repair


EpiVaginal provides an in vitro research tool for feminine product safety testing, drug development and for the study of HIV-1 and other sexually transmitted diseases. Human-like 3D tissue structure and cellular physiology make it ideal for toxicology, drug delivery and formulation efficacy testing. 

STD Infection Research 
Feminine Hygiene
Drug Delivery