skin care

Brightening,  Glow and Radiance,  Anti-Aging,  Moisturizing,  Anti-Acne, Spots & Pigmentation

Hair care

Hair fall control,  Anti-Dandruff,   Damage control,  Hair Shine,  Hair Growth

Oral care

Dentine hypersensitivity,  Oral hygiene,  Whitening,  Anti-Staining,  Anti-Plaque

home care

Dish wash, Laundry detergents,  Surface cleansers,  Textile

product Safety

Primary irritation patch test,  Photopatch test,  HRIPT,  Cumulative irritation test, Ocular irritation test

Colour Cosmetics

Longevity,  Coverage,  Sweatproof,  Waterproof,  Colour retention

Deodorant & Antiperspirant

Sweat control,  Sniff test,  Longevity,  Personal hygiene, Underarm pigmentation study

sensorial Evaluation

Paired, Triangle,  Duo-Trio Test, Sensory spectrum,  QDA

Microbiological tests

Microbial stability ,  Anti microbial efficacy,  Sterility

Cytotoxicity tests

In-vitro assessment for Skin irritation, Skin corrosion, Ocular irritation

other services

Prototype identification,  Electronic data capture and management services,  Scientific image analysis


We are a full-service institute for clinical studies in the areas of Skin Care, Hair Care,  Oral care and Home Care. Our focus is on testing for tolerability and investigating the efficacy of medicines, medical devices, cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, consumer products and more.

To MSCR,  “full service” means supporting you through all the phases of your clinical study – from planning and execution to the final report as required by your team. MSCR specialises in innovative ideas and claim support and works with you at every step to ensure an accurate, effective study and claim.
Our experience and expertise in this area are always available to sponsors throughout the study, providing constant support and advice with a high level of customer satisfaction.

Key elements

Studies 1200+
Instruments 50+
Medical Investigators 10+
Countries 15+

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